strength strength [streŋθ, strenθ] noun [countable]
1. FINANCE ECONOMICS the value of a country's money, especially when this is at a high level:
strength of

• the strength of the yen on the international money markets

2. the power or influence that a person, organization, country etc has:
strength of

• the strength of the US economy

• Before and during negotiations, a salesperson will benefit by assessing the relative strength of his power base.

3. the good qualities or abilities that someone or something has:

• One of her management strengths is the ability to delegate.

• Judging one's own strengths and weaknesses is far from easy.

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strength UK US /streŋθ/ noun
[S or U] the amount of power or influence that someone or something has: »

Advertising revenues in the UK have remained flat, although this has been offset by strength in the company's South African and Australasian operations.

the strength of sth »

The outlook is uncertain and we cannot rely on the strength of economic recovery in the near future.

the strength of an economy/market/brand »

After the 110p plunge on Friday, the stock remained at 622p despite the strength of the market generally.


We are continuing to build strength in key areas of the business.


economic/financial/market strength


Both firms have strong cash balances, good relative strength, and are in fast-growing sectors.

[C] a quality that someone or something has that helps them succeed or make progress: »

One of our strengths as a global brand has been our ability to adapt to local trends.

the strength of sb/sth »

Keeping employee morale high is considered to be the strength of many Japanese organizations.


Our Performance Management System identifies strengths and weaknesses in performance.

biggest/greatest/key strength »

A key strength of the internet is that it permits seamless communication without regard to national boundaries.

build on/focus on/look to sb's strengths »

A good branding intiative builds on a firm's strengths.

[U] MONEY how much value one currency has compared to the currencies of other countries: »

Continuing weakness in Europe has added to sterling's strength against the dollar.

the strength of the euro/dollar/pound »

Many UK tourists have been discouraged from travelling abroad by the strength of the euro.

[U] how strong or well made a product or material is and so how likely it is to be damaged or broken: the strength of sth »

Amid questions about the strength of newly designed hurricane housing, engineers will evaluate how well the structures are attached to the ground.

[U] COMMUNICATIONS, IT how well electrical or radio waves are received by a radio, television, or mobile phone in order to produce a sound, picture, or message: »

Laptops and handhelds can lose signal strength as you move from one side of a building to the other.

[S or U] HR the total number of people who work for a company or organization: »

The strength of the workforce has doubled over the past two years.

go from strength to strength — Cf. go from strength to strength
on the strength of sth — Cf. on the strength of sth
play to sb's strengths — Cf. play to sb's strengths

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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